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PDC Blank certificate background 8.5 x 1
PDC Blank certificate background 8.5 x 1
PDC Blank certificate background 8.5 x 1
PDC Blank certificate background 8.5 x 1
PDC Blank certificate background 8.5 x 1
PDC Blank certificate background 8.5 x 1
PDC Blank certificate background 8.5 x 1
PDC Blank certificate background 8.5 x 1
PDC Blank certificate background 8.5 x 1


  • There is no limit to the number of entries a studio may have.

  • All routines, including the choreography, music, and costuming, must be appropriate for family viewing. Routines deemed inappropriate by Platinum Competition Staff will be stopped, disqualified, or face a deduction from the Judges.

  • Participants may compete in more than one city.

  • Limit of three (3) solos per performer at each Regional Competition.

  • No use of live animals or live people as props.

  • No use of dangerous/destructive props such as knives, glass, sand, swords, water, paint, etc.

  • The stage must be left clean by the performers.

  • Props are permitted in all categories: however, there is a 2-minute time limit in setting up and removing props for each entry.

  • Competitors must perform in the order in which they are scheduled in the program book. Special considerations will be made for costume changes and must be approved by the backstage manager. Those who request to perform outside their scheduled section will NOT be eligible for  Top Overall Awards.

  • No changes in category, entry participants, levels or ages will be made on the day of the regional competition, unless special permission is granted by the Platinum Directors. No changes will be permitted on the day of the competition for our Nationals Finals.

  • Upon receipt of your studio’s competition schedule, directors must make all corrections and/or changes to entries before the stated DEADLINE determined by the Platinum Staff. These changes must be emailed to the Platinum office. Each regional program book must go to print in a timely fashion, so your prompt attention to confirming your studio’s schedule is required.

  • No coaching from the audience or sides of the stage. This may result in disqualification and/or point deduction.

  • All competitors must be able to provide proof of their age at a Platinum competition if a protest regarding age occurs. Such protest must be presented in writing to the director of Platinum Dance within one-half hour of the performance of the entry in question. Only a Studio Director can initiate a protest. All regional ages are as of January 1 of the current competition year.

  • No refunds will be made for competition entry fees.

  • All competitors, teachers, and audience members should always conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. This includes the dressing rooms, backstage, and in the audience.

  • Teachers/Studio Directors are responsible for categorizing their entries based on Platinum’s categories of competition. They are also responsible for placing the dancer in the correct level - recreational, intermediate, or elite through the registration system based on number of hours of classes the dancer takes per week. If an entry at Platinum Regional Competition is mis- categorized, the Judges will place the entry in the appropriate category of competition without a deduction.

  • Studio owners are to have their performers ready to perform one hour prior to their scheduled time. Delaying of the show may result in a point deduction. Therefore, practicing, excessive costume change time, or delays such as this may result in a point deduction due to failure to perform as scheduled.

  • No additional sound equipment or microphones may be used or connected to the Platinum sound system.

  • All photographs for the Platinum Photogenic category are to be submitted on the day of competition. Please submit a photograph that can be kept by the Platinum staff to be used in future programs.

  • Any solo routine which is not completed the first time, and is attempted a second time, will be adjudicated only and not eligible for the top score awards or title division.

  • Score sheets will be available online within 48 hours of the competition. Video Critiques will be available online in a timely fashion. Access your score sheets and video critiques through your DanceComp Genie account.

  • Seven (7) days prior to the competition, you will receive final confirmation and a time schedule.



  • Video recording and photography of any kind is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Photography and video are only allowed during awards presentations. We have put this rule in place to protect studio choreography and costuming rights. More importantly we enforce this rule to protect children from having their images used inappropriately and without consent. We urge all studio owners, teachers, and parents to keep our performers photographically safe. Platinum reserves the right to remove the media being used or those using it from the event. Failure to comply to these rules could result in the disqualification of dancer(s) and/or studio(s). Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.



  • Music must be directly uploaded through DanceComp Genie’s registration process.

  • Backup music can only be supplied on a USB Flashdrive.

  • No CDs will be accepted as a source for playing music.



Solo (1 performer)    Duet/Trio (2-3 performers)      Small Group (4-9 performers)

Large Group (10-19 performers)      Lines (20+ performers)



  • Participants will be divided into the following age divisions:

Mini: Ages 5 and Under          Petite: 6-8        Junior: 9-11     Teen: 12-14     Senior: 15-19

Adult: Ages 20 and up and for teachers who wish to compete



  • Ages of performers will be determined as of January 1. When determining the age division for an entry, please average the ages of the participants in an entry and then drop the decimal point. Therefore, 8.5 would be age division 6-8, not 9-11.



  • Adult Division includes the following: Teachers, Professionals and Parents. Any routine solo, duet/trio, group or line that has a performer 20 years old or older will automatically be placed in the Adult age division, regardless of average age of participants.

  • Teachers are only allowed to compete in the Adult Category. A “teacher” is defined as any individual that is being compensated for classes or choreography and/or teaches 3 or more hours per week.


LEVELS OF COMPETITION:                 NEW FOR 2022

  • All solos performed by the same dancer must be entered in the same level. For example, a dancer who takes 4 hours of Jazz and 1 hour of Tap per week, would be considered an intermediate dancer, regardless of the breakdown on disciplines.

  • Minis (5 & Under) can only be entered as Recreational; Petites (6-8) can only be entered as Recreational or Intermediate, not Elite.

  • During your registration, you will add the number of hours your dancer takes class during the week. This will determine which level your dancer will be placed. The hours include technique classes, private lessons, and rehearsal times.

  • Dancers taking classes at different studios or at gymnastics centers should also include these hours in their training.

  • Once individual dancers are assigned their levels based on hours of dance a week, all duet/trios and groups will automatically be assigned their level placement.

  • Our system will recognize the following -

    • Recreational: 1-3 hours per week. This level is for students new to competitions who take 3 hours or less of class per week. These students should have limited competition experience of only 1-2 years.

    • Intermediate: 4-6 hours per week. Students who take 4-6 hours of class per week and have participated in competitions for 3-4 years.

    • Elite: 7+ hours per week. This level is designed for more advanced students who take 7+ hours of class per week and have at least 5+ years of competition experience.

  • Any changes to a level placement will need to be approved by the Platinum Office.

  • If an average of a duet, trio or group is 50/50 with levels, the highest level will be assigned to the routine.

  • During competition, if all three judges nominate a dance to be promoted to a higher level unanimously, it will be moved up a level. The decisions of the Director and Judges is final.

  • The spirit and intent of our Performance Levels is to provide dancers with the opportunity to compete against other dancers with similar experience and training. It is NOT designed so that your studio will place in the overalls more often. Our performance levels should not be used as a tool to simply keep your groups from competing against one another. Each group placement should be based only upon the qualifications of that team.

  • If you have any questions regarding placement or any other rule, please feel free to email or call us. We are always happy to help.



Solo: 3 minutes • Duet/Trio: 3 minutes • Groups: 3 minutes • Lines: 7 minutes

Entries exceeding the given time limit may choose to purchase extended time at $5.00 per minute per entry. Entries that exceed the time requirement may result in a point deduction if “extra minutes” were not purchased.



Every soloist will be eligible for the Title Competition regardless of level. There is no additional fee to be considered for Title. Title entries will be awarded based on their Technique score, Showmanship score and Overall Impression score. There is no minimum number of dancers for a Title Award to be presented.


Title Age Divisions:

Miss Petite Platinum/Mr. Petite Platinum                 Ages 8 & Under (includes Minis)

Miss Junior Platinum/Mr. Junior Platinum               Ages 9-11 Miss

Teen Platinum/Mr. Teen Platinum                                 Ages 12-14

Miss Platinum/Mr. Platinum                                             Ages 15-19



  • Each entry will be adjudicated and receive an award indicating their entry’s achievement based

on the scoring system for each level of competition.


Platinum Plus: 300-275       Platinum: 274-252        High Gold: 251-241        Gold: 240 & below


Platinum Plus: 300-280       Platinum: 279-261         High Gold: 260-252      Gold: 251 & below


Platinum Plus: 300-285       Platinum: 284-270        High Gold: 269-263      Gold: 262 & below

  • One award will be given to the studio for their entry’s achievement: Platinum Plus, Platinum, High Gold, or Gold. Individual placement pins indicating the entry’s achievement will be given to each participant in a group/line.

  • The “Champion of the Category” will be announced for all categories in which there are two or more entries per age division and category.



  • Overall Awards will be presented to the TOP scoring entries in each level of competition. Competition vouchers will be awarded to every 1st Place Overall Winner, regardless of level or number of entries.

  • One award will be given to the studio of the TOP Overall scoring solo, duet/trio, small group, large group or line/production in each level of competition. OVERALL Winners from small groups, large groups, lines/productions will receive a pin for each entry participant recognizing their OVERALL placement.

  • Only one (1) solo per dancer is eligible for Overall Awards.

  • Platinum National Dance Competition will determine if the Top 10, Top 5, Top 3 or the Top Overall 1st place entry will be recognized during the Overall Awards. This will be based on the number of entries at the regional competition.

  • All ties will be broken; first by technique score, second by showmanship/presentation score, and third by a judge’s poll.



  • All contestants entered in vocal, adult, costume and/or photogenic will be eligible for their own Top Overall Awards.

  • Vocal and Adult contestants are not eligible for Title.

  • Vocal and Adult contestants are not eligible for the National Finals Grand Championship or the Ultimate Invitational Championship.



  • Please understand that Platinum is primarily a dance competition. We have, however, included the vocal category as a performance opportunity for those dance competitors who are involved in vocal instruction as part of a well-rounded performance education. The vocal category stands alone and has its own overall awards. Note also that time limits in the vocal category are exactly the same as those in all other categories (3 minutes for solos) and will be deducted accordingly if over time.



  • Photogenic and costume entries are to be entered in the day of competition only. Please do not send these in with your entries. The photograph can be any size, color or black and white. You will fill out an entry form at the registration table when you check in the day of competition. Please submit a photograph that can be kept by the Platinum Directors. Photogenic entries will receive a score sheet that can be picked up at the Emcee station at the conclusion of competition. If the photograph wins, it will be used in the Nationals Program Books.



Adjudications, Special Judges Awards, Overall Top Awards, Title Category, Vocal Category, Adult Category

Top Scoring Recreational, Intermediate and Elite Acts

Photogenic - Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior age divisions

Costume - Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior age divisions

Choreography Awards - Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical, Tap, Hip Hop, Open, and All-Around

Technique Awards – 11 & Under and 12 & Over

Sportsmanship Award - chosen by backstage managers

Top Recreational, Intermediate & Elite Studio - $250 Registration Fees

Platinum Power - The most entertaining group or line of the entire competition



Top Overall Solo -

Recreational - $50.00     Intermediate - $75.00     Elite - $100.00

Top Overall Duet/Trio –

Recreational - $75.00     Intermediate - $100.00    Elite - $125.00

Top Overall Small Group –

Recreational - $100.00   Intermediate - $125.00    Elite - $150.00

Top Overall Large Group –

Recreational - $125.00    Intermediate - $150.00    Elite - $175.00

Top Overall Line –

Recreational - $150.00   Intermediate - $175.00   Elite - $200.00

NEW FOR 2022

  • Top Studios (Recreational, Intermediate & Elite) - To qualify, a studio must have a minimum of 10 entries; of those, 5 must be groups. We will average the scores of all group routines by level. The highest scoring studio is the winner for that level. A Studio can only win one Top Studio Award at a Regional Competition.



All categories of competition may contain up to 3 acro tricks. Entries that are primarily acro/gymnastics in nature or contain more than 3 acro tricks should be placed in the “acro/gymnastics” category or the “open” category.

ACRO-GYMNASTICS - A routine consisting of controlled moves such as walkovers, limbers, handstands, chest rolls, etc. The majority of the routine must be acrobatic moves, however it must contain some dance moves, steps and choreography.

BALLET - Routine which must include classical steps and ballet technique. BATON - Routine using baton(s) and baton technique.

CHARACTER - A routine portraying an easily recognizable character throughout. It can be from a play, movie, television Broadway, or a stereotype such as a lawyer, law enforcement officer, etc.

CLOGGING - A routine utilizing either traditional or contemporary clogging technique and style. CONTEMPORARY -Routine incorporating lyrical or jazz movement fused with modern elements. DRILL TEAM - Precision marching in military or dance styles.

FOLK/ETHNIC - A routine incorporating ethnic styles of dance such as polkas, Hawaiian and Spanish, etc. HIP HOP - Routine must consist primarily of hip hop technique. No suggestive moves or inappropriate music.

JAZZ - Routine must consist of primarily jazz technique.

LYRICAL - Routine should demonstrate balance, extension, isolations and control using contemporary lyrical moves set to the mood or lyrics of the music.

MODERN - Interpretive dance using balance and control.

MUSICAL THEATRE - Routine featuring any style of dance interpreting a song from a Broadway show or movie musical.

OPEN - Routine consisting of any of our listed categories or combinations of listed category styles. May contain an unlimited number of acro/gymnastics elements.

POINTE - Routine must consist of pointe/toe technique.

POM PON - Routine which must include such elements as marching, clean, sharp arm movements, kicks, leaps, jumps and splits. The routine must incorporate pom pons. Up to 3 acrobatic tricks are allowed, but no stunts or tosses.

PRODUCTION - A routine utilizing a group of at least 20 dancers, utilizing props, sets, and a main theme or storyline.

SONG & DANCE - Routine must contain both singing and any listed category of dance (tap, jazz, ballet, etc.). Accompaniment must be uploaded directly and backup voices only will be permitted.

TAP - Routine must contain tap technique.

VOCAL - Routine may be any type of vocal presentation. Accompaniment must be uploaded directly or live. No lead vocals permitted on tape, backup voices only will be permitted.



  • Platinum will provide only competent Judges. Our panel will consist of teachers, choreographers and working professionals that are well versed in the categories of competition. They will also have an understanding of what it takes to choregraph for children and what skills are attainable for performers at various ages. All decisions of the Judges are final.

  • Routines will be given a numerical score from each Judge.

  • Judging Criteria is as follows:

Technique - 40 points • Execution of Choreography - 20 points • Choreography - 15 points

Showmanship/Presentation - 15 points • Costume - 5 points • Overall Impression - 5 points



  • Platinum provides verbal critiques to each studio owner online from all three judges for each routine in a timely fashion following the conclusion of the competition.



  • As a general rule, dancers are allowed 4 acts between numbers to change costumes. The backstage manager will collaborate with teachers and performers to allow performers 4 acts to change, even if their entries are back to back. However, the competition cannot be delayed due to performers taking longer than the allotted 4 acts to change which would result in a deduction.

  • A confirmation of your studio’s entries will be emailed to the studio owner once these entries are received. Please take time to review your entries and make sure they are in proper categories, performance levels and age divisions. Changes should be emailed back to the office immediately after receiving your confirmations. Once the final schedule is done, the ability to make changes and/or corrections is considerably limited, if not impossible. A final schedule will be emailed to the studios 7 days (or before if available) prior to the first day of competition. An order of events will be posted to the website as soon as they become available.

  • Please note that each show is scheduled independently based on the number of acts and how

those acts break down among solos, duet/trios, and groups. As such, there is no “standard schedule” we can share prior to the schedule being emailed. It is impossible to even guess when an act or group of acts will perform prior to the final schedule. Please note that it is generally very difficult to accommodate individual schedule requests given that multiple such requests from

multiple studios almost always conflict with one another. Finally, don’t make assumptions about the current schedule based on a prior year’s schedule.



  • All entries submitted require payment in full, using credit card (a 3% processing charge will be applied), bank check (cashier’s check) or money order for all entries from one studio. Studio checks or individual checks from parents will not be accepted.

  • There are no refunds for competition fees.

  • A 5% early bird discount of entry fees will be applied to registrations paid in full by the 45 day deadline. No concessions or discounts for studios paying after the 45 day deadline will be honored.

  • Any unpaid balance 2 weeks prior to the competition will be assessed a late fee equaling 5% of the unpaid balance.



An Improv competition will be held before awards at Regional competitions. Registration for the Improv Competition will be done only onsite at Retail/Registration. The fee for the Improv competition will be $30.00. Each dancer will be given 30-45 seconds of music to improv from either Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical, Tap, or Hip Hop. Master Music Lists will be made available on Spotify. One or more winners will be awarded in each age division regardless of style chosen to Improv.



  • All contestants grant permission to the Directors of Platinum National Dance Competition to use their names, photographs or to appear on local and/or national television, brochures and/or the Platinum website to promote its competitions.

  • Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in the competition area and dressing room. Photography and videotaping are not allowed at a Platinum Competition. Use of photography or videotaping could result in disqualification of the routine in question.

  • Platinum reserves the right to cancel any competition due to weather, number of entries or any other circumstances deemed necessary. Platinum reserves the right to move the competition location or date due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Sportsmanlike behavior is expected at all times.

  • Studios may not reserve seats or dressing rooms.

  • Platinum National Dance Competition and the hosting facility are not responsible for personal injury to contestants or spectators or property loss. By entering this event, it is agreed that participants or spectators will not hold Platinum National Dance Competition, LLC or its officers, directors, staff or employees responsible for injuries sustained or illnesses contracted by them while in attendance of one of their competitions.


PDC Blank certificate background 8.5 x 1
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