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Platinum Dance Experience Covid-19 Guidelines

  • We will be limiting attendance to allow for Social Distancing in each of the rooms.

  • In some cases, we will break down ages further to allow more space for dancers to move.

  • We will conduct temperature checks for Staff and dancers at the start of each day.

  • Depending on space requirements, Observer bands will be limited and potentially unavailable.  All Observer bands will be purchased on site and based on availability.

  • There will be no water stations setup for dancers.  It is recommended that dancers come to the workshop prepared with their own personal water bottles.

  • Masks will be worn by Staff and Teachers.  Masks will not be required for dancers in class unless specifically mandated by a State’s own guidelines.  Please check individual state’s guidelines for mask requirements.  Dancers should wear a mask when not in a ballroom and walking through common areas.

  • There will be hand sanitizer stations in each room and at the Retail area.  We encourage dancers to use it often and wash their hands when they can.

  • Petites will continue an “All Day” schedule in their own room and will not join the Junior room for the second half of the day.  There is an additional charge for Petite dancers wishing to dance “All Day”.

  • We will be offering a Virtual Platinum Dance Experience Convention as well as the in-person Convention.  All dancers attending the Virtual Convention will have the same opportunities to win scholarships and awards.  Fees for the Virtual Convention will either be by the individual (independent entries), or by the Studio (broken into two plans, 6-20 dancers and 21+ dancers).

  • Each State will have their own additional and specific Guidelines that we will include on our Website under the Convention Tab and included with each city.  By registering for our Convention, you have read and understood the guidelines provided not only by Platinum National Dance Competition but also the State’s guidelines where the Convention will be held.