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Teacher Room Classes:

Relative Motion w/ Cara (Sat. 8:35-9:10)

Learn how to make anatomy a more visual element in dance training, using apparel to simplify intricate technical concepts and maximize dancer’s technique while focusing on injury prevention.

Jazz Progressions w/ Linsey (Sat. 9:20-9:55)

A series of across the floor and center exercises that start at a basic level and continue through advanced skills. A focus will be on proper placement and a strong foundation in turns, jumps and transitions. 

T-Spheres Injury Prevention for Dancers w/ Liz (Sat. 10:20-10:55)

Learn how to use T-Spheres for recovery and injury prevention for you and your dancers. This class will show you the 5 T-Spheres techniques and applications to help with the common injuries you or your dancers might have.

Hip Hop 101 w/ Emanuel (Sat. 11:05-11:40)

This class will introduce movement and concepts for beginner level students or adults. Learn fundamentals of Hip Hop movement, terminology, and a few games to incorporate in your classes.

Tap Warm-ups & Progressions w/ Chris (Sat. 12:35-1:10)

Learn different warm-up exercises, across the floor progressions, and center floor exercises to refine your dancer’s tap technique.

Keeping it Fresh w/ Kristen (Sun. 9:35-10:10)

Discover ways to keep class fresh with activities made to push students' brains and bodies without having to stand at the barre or just for a day when they need a break. Geared for all age ranges of students, come enjoy creative ways to make ballet terms stick, build tap rhythms and so many more creative ideas to bring back to your studio. 

Coffee Talk w/ Chris (Sun. 10:20-10:55)

Spend a few minutes with Chris Suchan, Platinum’s Executive Director, and talk about anything.  Ask questions, offer feedback, and share a laugh


Parent Room Classes:

“Taking on Tik Tok” Movement Class w/ Emanuel (Sat. 12:30-1:15)

This class will introduce parents to Tik Tok. Learn how to view content, make content, and even monitor your child's content. Get some feedback on the positives and negatives of the app and even be a part of our very own Platinum Tik Tok! 

Competition Q&A w/ Chris (Sat. 2:00-3:00)

This class is open to Parents, Teachers, anyone!  Get all of your competition questions answered.  We will discuss competitions, conventions, and more!


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Collective Elective Classes (Sat. 1:15-2:00):

11 & Under Classes

Choreography w/ Liz (Petite Room)

In this class dancers will learn about composition and choreography and learn to take their movement to create choreography phrases.

Tap Jam w/ Linsey (Teacher Room)

A tap improv class with guided exercises and musical exploration. A comfortable place to explore making music with your feet.  Open to all ages.

12 & Over Classes

Choreography w/ Kristen (Teen/Senior Room)

Start from scratch and be there when it all comes together in the end. From music choice to theme, staging to a final piece, walk through some of the creative basics to collectively make some magic! 

Deep Stretch & Super Strength w/ Emanuel (Junior Room)

This class will focus on taking your flexibility to the next level. Learn some deep stretch techniques that are safe and sure to help increase your range of motion in your hips, backs, and hamstrings. We will also learn several exercises to help strengthen those muscles. 


Collective Elective Classes (Sun. 12-12:45):

11 & Under Classes

Power Pirouettes w/ Emanuel (Teacher Room)

This class will focus on key elements to become a better turner. We will go through the basic techniques through advanced concepts to help increase balance and rotation. 

Ballet Building Blocks w/ Kristen (Petite Room)

Come explore the building blocks of our technique in unique and fun ways. Enjoy the strength and beauty of ballet while diving into floor barre, choreography and even a game or two!

12 & Over Classes

Turns & Leaps Class w/ Kyle (Teen/Senior Room)

A fun fast paced class, we will work on strength, technique, and new skills in both the center and across the floor.

Heels Class w/ Linsey (Junior Room)

A class to learn how to dance in heels. We will start with basics of just learning to walk and move into more complex movement and weight transfers. Finishing with a combo.  Make sure you bring yo


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